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Wednesday, March 21, 2007

More Sluicing & Panning

Went out yesterday to my apparently not so secret spot. Took my sluice box, a 14" gold pan, a 10" pan and a #4 classifier. I was in the midst of shifting a lot of loose rock to make a channel to set up my sluice when two guys showed up with a box of their own.

They had some nice gold from last time they were there and asked if I had been the one digging by the big rock. Yep. Most of my other holes were filled in pretty good, so only the surface scrapings by the rock were visible.

They helped me set up a nice wing-dam and I loaned them a little cooler tray with 1/4 inch mesh (they had forgotten a classifier) and we had a good day digging and shovelling. First time I've met up with other prospectors out in the field and worked in and around each other. Had a good time just shootin' the breaze while we worked, almost like a common dig. Maybe I'll see 'em again, as it was their "secret spot" as well.

Eventually they headed up river and I finished out the day testing different spots for next time. Found some decent color, got a load of concentrates and had some fun in the rain and sun (weather couldn't decide what to do).

Happy hunting!