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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dredge Season

I'm not a huge dredger, but I do have a little Proline combo and enjoy it quite a bit. I sent off my permit renewal fees and am excited for the first of the in-water work periods to start hitting next month. You can bet I'll be out there in the water looking for gold.

Finally got a set of neoprene chest waders which should be perfect for shallow water dredging. I don't have a hooka set up, so I'm limited as to how deep I can go. A snorkel keeps me breathing, but it also keeps me close to the surface.

I only got the unit last year, and so far have done better high banking than dredging, but I hope to have a much better season this year. I'm all geared up for a few extended trips and have some spots all scoped out (not saying where). In the mean time I've been doing a lot of panning and some sluicing, running last year's concentrates through my Blue Bowl and generally getting excited for the warmer weather and dredge season.

This year I also want to get out and do some more metal detecting and maybe even try my luck looking for sunstones.

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