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Friday, May 18, 2007

Five Hundred Million Dollar Treasure Find!!!

Odyssey Marine Exploration recently landed in Florida with over 500,000 gold and silver coins valued at over $500,000,000.00!!! That's 17 tons of old coins!!! The wreck is believed to be near the English Channel, but Odyssey is keeping quiet for now.

Read more about the expedition that discovered the yet unnamed ship being called the Black Swan:



If you haven't cranked up your metal detector yet this season, get out there! The weather's great and the finds are pretty dang inspiring! I've got my eye on a Garrett ACE 250 (heard a lot of good things about them).

It's just so amazing to me that treasure ships like the Atocha and now the colonial era "Black Swan" ship are still out there to be found! And every day peaople are finding smaller treasures in parks, on beaches and in the woods all over the world. Just check out Today's Finds over at TreasureNet and you'll see why I'm getting a new detector next time I have some toy money to spend!

Happy hunting all, and good luck!!!

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