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Thursday, June 28, 2007

Petrified Forest

Imagine finding an entire petrified forest on your property! A Washington man did just that while expanding his shop. The amazing part though is that the fossilized trees are all still standing upright, where most petrified "forests" found elsewhere are really just a jumble of logs.

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If you read the article you might first be drooling over the idea of such a discovery (petrified wood can be pretty valuable) and you may also have a few thoughts as to why the trees have no roots. Here's mine:

What if the forest used to be up-slope from where it is now. It used to sit up on a hillside, the trees covered in basalt and the roots resting in clay. Petrified wood is brittle and the roots weren't protected by the basalt cast, so eventually, over millenia, the lava covered hunk of forest slid down the wet clay hillside snapping off roots as it went until finally it came to rest where it is today. Easy enough to confirm or discredit by looking for petrified roots up the slope from the forest's current location...

Anyway, just a thought.

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