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Sunday, June 3, 2007

Quartzville Creek Gold

Finally got back to Quartzville Creek today. I've been doing a lot of panning closer to home since last summer, but was inspired to take a bit of a drive and hit up Quartzville again.

I took along all the gear I might need (more really), a sluice box, a couple classifiers (#4 and #2), pry bar, shovels, underwater viewer made from a camp stove fuel can, rubber boots, neoprene chest waders and my Proline 1.5" highbanker/dredge combo.

The battery on my van had died since last I drove it, so took the Subaru instead. I don't ever go crazy, but it can be a fun road to drive in a rally car. Too many drunks out there coming the other way to ever go fast, but it's one of those places where you can feel the car handling.

Anyway, I looked for one of the GPAA claims and found it, but it wasn't marked and the path to the water was arduous. I decided to just grab an obscure looking spot in the recreation corridor and have some fun.

I ended up running the Proline as a dredge and punching a little hole behind a big rock. I didn't get much time in the water, didn't make it to bedrock and had some plug up issues along the way, but I had fun getting more familiar with the equipment and found a little color (plus a pile of concentrates). Here's some of the gold from today's prospecting. It's not in perfect focus and you can't tell that some of it is pretty chunky, but it'll have to do.

I really need to sort out the plug up issues or get a bigger dredge. It's a great unit for portability and little creeks, but I could've moved a lot more material if I hadn't been dealing with clogs. A three or four inch dredge is somewhere in my future. I'll probably still go Proline, I just like their stuff, but a good used Keene could work too.

Happy hunting!

P.S. Some of the camp sites on the way up were trashed, literally. There was garbage strewn everywhere. That annoys the hell out of me. Probably drunken kids being idiots, but even drunk kids should know better...


Anonymous said...

Great Area for panning, sluicing, dredging, or whatever, but lots of trash in some areas. For the best gold and least amount of trash, try to leave the main road a bit.

bb12creek said...

By and large it is not kids that trash the Quartzville area. I kayak up there all of the time and often see adults trashing the campsites. Some of it is the result of drunkeness, some the result of backwards thinking, some the result of people "squatting" for the summer. A group of us paddling the river actuually had someone discharge a handgun over our heads when they saw us paddling by their "campsite".

eat said...

By "kids" I meant mostly those from ages 16 to 25 or so who leave beer cans and broken furniture all over the place, and race to bridge at 3 am to get into cell range, but you're probably right. There's just too much damage up there from irresponsible campers of all ages to pin it on any one group. Sorry about the handgun incident. I hope you reported them when you got back to town.