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Monday, July 2, 2007

Crevicing for Gold

Went crevicing for gold this weekend. Got some photos, so I'll keep the text to a minimum. :)

Here's my new prospecting rig. Okay, so maybe "new" isn't the best word to describe her, but she's got plenty of room for all my gear, a cot and my mountain bike!

Here's a view of camp from the creek. Notice the steep, rocky cliff...

Here's a few tools. First time I'd used the red crevice tool and I must say it came in very handy for scraping stuff out of cracks.

Here's my little dredge combo mounted on a truck innertube. The last couple times out I needed a bit more depth than the legs would allow for, so wanted to give this a try...

Doesn't the water look freakin' cold? Well, it was. My teeth are still chattering.

Swimming across with load #1.

Swimming across with load #2.

Now don't I look cold?! Like the see-through t-shirt action? Easy there ladies. Don't get too excited.

Remember that rocky cliff below camp? Well here it is again, only with a frigid me dragging a dredge (water logged miner's moss and all) up it. My legs were jelly by the end of the weekend...

And what do we have here? GOLD! Not getting rich, but not getting skunked either!

Happy hunting to all of you! Sorry if these images are slow to load...

P.S. I slipped and cracked the glass on my viewer, but no leaks so no worries.


Anonymous said...

looks like a fun time... not a bad way to spend a weekend.

Jerry said...

I'm thinkin' about goin' to Quartzville Creek to try my luck. Consistently got color at Cool, California via whisking the dry creek beds...all over 10 years ago. With current gold prices, I'm thinkin' of givin' it another go.
Has the price of gold made your trips worthwhile?

eat said...

@ Scott, was a great trip!

@ Jerry, the trip is always worthwhile, though I have yet to hit a big strike. If you make it up that way, try the harder to get to spots.