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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Dredge

Went out weekend before last with my new Proline 3" Dredge. It was a bit of a beast to get down to the water and set up (mostly on my own), but boy does it move material! Anything much bigger could take a finger off, I swear!

I got the T-80 compressor, but have to wait a bit before I get the air set up, so I used my crappy old snorkel (has a kink that closes off my air every once in a while). Should be getting air hoses, regulator, reserve tank and flusher nozzle soon.

My wife also got a new toy, a Desert Fox spiral panner, and has been running the cons. So far they look pretty good. Nothing bigger than the rice sized picker I pulled out of the top of one bucket yet, but we're hoping for a nice nugget in there somewhere. Plenty of fines showing up so far. The Desert Fox seems to work really well once you get it set up right. Watch the angle though and make sure the water is flowing into the capture cup. It just hangs, so at the wrong angle the water flowing through the center hole (and gold) can miss the cup completely.

On a down note, my prospecting rig horked up a lung on the drive home and had to be towed to a mechanic. One new ignition coil and $190 repair bill later and she runs again, ready for our next outing. I think we'll hit Southern Oregon next. Good gold down there just waiting for me to suck it all up...

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