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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gold Prospecting Videos

Let's see if this works. This is supposed to be an automated video player for gold prospecting videos. Hopefully they'll toss in some rockhounding and metal detecting videos among the dredging, sluicing, panning, etc, but who knows...?

Please comment below and let me know what it's playing. Like I said, it's supposed to be gold prospecting related.

Monday, October 8, 2007

A Day Detecting

Dredge season is over, so for me anyway, it's time to get out treasure hunting. Cool part is, I finally have a detecting buddy!

My old friend Trevor has picked up the hobby, and since I'm still a novice myself, we're learning to do the research, pick spots and work the detector. I recently picked up an ACE 250, and after half a day out with some older off brand unit (a Compass?), Trevor did the same.

Anyway, this last Saturday we first headed out to a town called Sodaville that was a rip-roaring soda resort in the late 1800s. It had three hotels, a livery stable, brothel, jail, etc. An old quote I found from an 1878 atlas described the hillside dotted with tents during summer months when paople crowded the area to enjoy the healing mineral waters. I thought the hillside sounded promising, so we checked it out.

It was almost exclusively private property, so we stopped at city hall and did some detecting. Found some old square nails, but nothing great and were about to pack up when a lady pulled up and asked if we needed any help. We got to talking and it turned out she was the city administrator and former mayor.

She said somebody had been detecting just the week before, but also told us all about the town's rich history, about how it had been destroyed by fire three times, where the jail used to be, the college, where they moved the women's dormitory, etc. She even told us where the soda spring was - right under our noses!

We also visited a couple schools and had a great day. Didn't find anything amazing, but had a blast. Next weekend it's a ghost town for us, then maybe the beach!