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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Gold in Oregon

Today I stumbled upon a really cool resource while trying to find information on gold in Starveout Creek in Southern Oregon. It's a detailed index of Southern Oregon's appearances in the Salt Lake Mining Review published from 1899 to 1929. From there I was able to find my way to an online digital archive of the Mining Review and have spent the last couple hours reading up on creek after creek, mining company after mining company. It's fascinating!

The index makes the paper a really handy tool for researching gold locations in Oregon. It gives the year, issue and page numbers of mentions of creeks, mines, miners, etc. The digital archive itself though, is also a fantastic resource for Utah miners and miners in other states as well. I also noticed sections for Nevada and Montana, and I'm sure Idaho, California and many other states were covered as well.

Prospectors and history buffs should really check it out.